With Gratitude from Tim

I must first and foremost thank my life partner, Nancy H. Anderson Bonner, because without her this book and many other accomplishments would not have been possible.

A close second is my co-author, the Rev. Dr. Matthew Sturtevant, whose amazing intellect and writing expertise spearheaded our writing. Also, for his unwavering tolerance, support, and affirmations that enabled me to continue and finish this joint project. And, I must include Matt’s wife, Kimberly, for her steadfast support of her husband through the ups and downs of this major endeavor.

Cheryl Price, Judson Press Publisher, not only accepted our proposal but gave us our greatly improved title. I appreciate her leadership of the great Judson staff that includes Lisa Blair, editorial, production, and permissions administrator, and Gale Tull in the marketing department, as they and the rest of the staff continue Judson’s tradition of excellence in publishing. And, I especially thank Rachael Lawrence, Senior Editor at Judson Press, whose initial review gave us valuable feedback for reshaping our writing from dissertation style to a more interesting, meaningful, and readable book.

Furthermore, I thank the “Other Voices” authors whose alternative perspectives provided additional meaning to this book. Also, I am forever grateful for all of the individuals and churches who participated in my research.